Saturday, June 03, 2006

Myths With Recycled Barbies


As I teach everyone Latin, Art and ICT, it was a natural and irresistible move to make mythological scenes and take digital photos of them. Our Art room lay figure, Bob, would happily dress up for us, but I decided it would be easier to work with small figuresThe children have been generous in donating obsolete dolls, and I have picked up a few in charity shops and car boot sales. So far we have done the abduction of Helen, Daphne and Apollo and Medusa. We haven’t been violent on purpose; we did cover cheap-knockoff-Action Man in PVA and sand, but it will soak off, and the head falling off Medusa was an accident that happened when I was trying to sew a brunette wig on the thing’s scalp. What a pity.