Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Medical Mice

Another bit of video, this time from Year 5 working with our new puppet theatre (it's an old wooden clothes-horse with felt stapled over it). Pupils used the 'Doctor! Doctor!' exercise from the Minimus workbook to write little Latin dialogues, which they acted out with the help of our mouse puppets.

We have a set of three - doctor (with tiny scalpel and pill sewn on his paws), patient (optional bandage and spots) and nurse. They started life as a set of soft toys from Ikea, but were..converted...for use as finger puppets. Best not to think about it too hard.

We found that it was impossible to record video and audio at the same time, as the puppet handlers' voices were muffled by the felt screen, so we recorded the dialogue first, then played it back as a guide for the action.

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M. said...

I'm not sure if it has been brought to your attention yet - In mid May 2009, Laura Gibbs brought the new Tar Heel reader site to the attention of Latin teachers. The University that set the site up indicated they would be thrilled to have readers in Latin on the site. Laura wrote the first, 'De Leone', just on 2 weeks ago.

There are now over 40 beginning illustrated readers in Latin on the site - these are pretty much all are suitable for primary school pupils, (there are some that are not very useful, but it is obvious which are which) and I suspect these readers would make an excellent adjunct to the Mimimus materials. A number of teachers have been contributing resources - and more stories are added every day, as more and more teachers find about about this wonderful program for writing children's books in Latin.

The site is here

There is a link to Latin in the list of languages on the site's main menu.

Evan Millner.