Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Disgusting Dinner

This is a story I wrote for my Year 6 pupils, who were practising the dative case. they had a lot of fun illustrating the sentences after translating them.
1. ancilla cenam parat. 

2. ancilla cenam agricolae dat.

3. agricola cenam gustat sed cena foeda est.

4. agricola cenam gallinis dat.

5. gallinae cenam devorant.

6. cena foeda gallinas necat.

7. agricola gallinas mortuas portat et ancillae monstrat.

8. ancilla gallinas parat et agricolae dat.

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Recreating the Gladiator Glass

In 1991 a fantastic piece of glass painted with gladiators was excavated at Vindolanda, and in 2007 another piece of the same glass turned up, 20 metres away. It's been voted Vindolanda's best artefact. I thought it would make a good project for the new Minimus in Practice book.

I started with a line drawing that I drew and scanned in. I adjusted it to fit inside a plain glass (it's a Nutella jar).

I bought a set of Pebeo Porcelaine glass markers online, making sure I had the right range of colours (no neon brights or glitter!) The pens were much easier to use than glass paint out of a jar (although I suspect they won't last as long).

I'm fairly pleased with the outcome. I think I'll let my Year 5 pupils loose on this technique next term!