Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Printable bookmarks and bookplates

Here's a set of Minimus bookmarks and bookplates to print out and colour. 
Download them here:

Wednesday, June 03, 2020

30 Days Wild 2020

Minimus is joining in on Twitter with this year's #30DaysWild - posting a wildlife picture for every day in June, with Latin captions. 
Of course, Minimus and Minima are locked down at the moment, so some of the photos were taken a while ago!

Day 1:    Minimus ranunculos in stagno invenit; mox in ranas vertent.
(Minimus finds tadpoles in the pond; soon they will turn into frogs)

Day 2: Minimus folia bellidis carpit. “me amat, me non amat”.
(Minimus picks daisy petals. “She loves me she loves me not”)

Day 3: amenta salicis pellicia sunt!
(The catkins of the willow are furry!)

Follow Minimus' outdoor discoveries on Twitter throughout June