Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A little story by a y5 pupil

Minimus and Vibrissa get a family
A long time ago lived a mouse called Minimus. He was a very small mouse, who had a best friend called Vibrissa. She was a cat. I would think that was a weird combination, but they didn’t mind. Most of the time they hung out together until one day Vibrissa was adopted. Minimus was all alone until he decided to go and find her. She lived in the commander’s house at Vindolanda now. So he sneaked in and said, “salve, Rufus!” to the youngest child, who was playing with Vibrissa. Rufus noticed Minimus and he ran over and called the two eldest children. Their names were Flavia and Iulius. When they came, they said “Oh, look, a new pet! How cute!” So they kept him, and that is how Minimus and Vibrissa found a family.
Story and picture by Abi, 9